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Why Sealcoat?

Asphalt has many enemies. Normal traffic is not an enemy to properly designed and constructed asphalt pavement. Surface wear is primarily the result of weathering, oxidation, and the destructive softening effect of gasoline, oil, and chemical de-icers.

What Happens?

Sunlight and moisture are the major causes of surface deterioration. Without proper protection, surface oxidize, permitting the aggregate in the asphalt mix to wash away. Unprotected asphalt loses desired resiliency, aggregate ravels from the surface, the pavement roughens, and the surface becomes brittle causing cracks and causes sub-base damage. Hydraulic pressure (expansion and contraction) enlarges these cracks. Heavy traffic and winter freeze-thaw cycles cause damage. Unfilled cracks allow water to saturate the sub-base rupturing the pavement and turning cracks into potholes. Progressive weakening of neglected asphalt, water and weather damage can reduce the life of your asphalt by as much as 50 percent in just 5 years.


Sealcoating Will:


  • Prevent gas, oil and salt damage.
  • Prevent oxidation.
  • Slow weather damage.
  • Beautify pavement.
  • Reduce maintenance time.
  • Restore “new look” color to pavement and eliminate dull grey appearance.

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